There was a huge spider on my window, so naturally I ran to get my dad, but he wasn’t home. So I told my brother to come and kill it, and he is also scared of spiders. His gf forced him to come to my room and kill it, and he killed it or so he thought. The freaking spider started jumping everywhere and we were both screaming like little kids until Link (my cat) came grabbed it with his mouth and took off running. I just saw him now playing with it, its dead. He’s my hero. 

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What about heartredballoon or heartpinkballoon? I saved both urls but I don’t know if I should actually use one or not. What do y’all think?

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I really want to change my url. I want it to be Animal Crossing related but no crossing at the end. I’m not sure what to change it to.

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I just can't wait to visit Serenity! It looks WAY WAY WAY better than my town, which i have been working on for a year, Serenity is getting lovelier everyday!

Thank you! I’m actually really starting to like how Serenity is turning out. I’m starting to like it more than Skyloft. I just need to unlock a couple more PWPs and it will be mostly done. 

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I spent all day today watching the first season of American Horror Story, I can’t believe I waited so long to watch this show. I love it! 

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"A kid shouldn’t be walking around in the forest alone. There are scary wolves roaming there."

"A kid shouldn’t be walking around in the forest alone. There are scary wolves roaming there."

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Are there any more villager left that you will give out? I lost a villager randomly so now i have 9 villagers ._.

No, Deirdre is the last villager that needs to leave. There is Marshal, but I’m going to keep him for a while. 

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Deirdre hasn’t asked to move. I really need her out because her house is right in front of the cafe. Then I can get Whitney and I can finally start making my town the way I want. Does anyone want Deirdre when she moves out? I want to get rid of her as soon as possible.