You put yourself right between the killing thing’s teeth, but you don’t give it the power to—

you can only bury up to i think it's like 10,000 and you get 30,000 total (you can bury 99,000 but you'll only get 30,000 i think it is) i read it off of a website some time ago you should google it again because some facts might be wrong
Since you bury 99k does three bags of 99k grow on the trees?

I’m not sure since I have never shaken one. I think it might only have 3 bags of 30k. Does anyone know? 

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How did you get the bell trees??

To grow them, you need the golden shovel and then bury a bag of bells. I bury 99k and they always grow. 

”Haven’t we suffered enough?” ∣

Remodeling my back room, since I finally got all the exteriors for the theme challenge.