Marshal is jealous 

» Looking for Garden Exterior and Simple Green Roof

If anyone has them in Nook’s Homes please let me know. I’ve been looking for days and can’t find them. 

Enjoying a picnic with Fang 

A drawing of your mayor!

Wow thank you! 

Ankha is moving to Lorule! 

can I ask how did you make such an amazing town??

Thank you, I honestly didn’t think my town was that great, compared to other towns. I didn’t really have a plan for my town, I just started placing PWPs wherever I had room, and then I started building around them. The paths were pretty easy, I just kept a notes on where I was walking around the most. Once you get done placing the paths it gets easier from there. Sorry I’m not much help, I didn’t really have a plan or anything.

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Fang is adorable! How can i get him to my animal crossing game??

If someone from another town has Fang moving, and you have space for him. Go to the other person’s town and ask Fang to move in. Also you might get him in your campsite. Good luck! 

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