I have two Marshals now. 

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Thanks to everyone for the town name suggestions. I decided to name my town Pearl because I love pearls. I forgot how hard it is to choose the right map. Its taking longer than expected. I hope to find a good map soon, wish me luck!

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I got another New Leaf cartridge. I need to think of a good name for my new town. I usually go for Zelda theme names, but this time I want something different. Anyone got any suggestions?

Can you please post a pic of your room? I need advice on mine, even tho ur an ac blogger, i just wanna see :D

Do you mean my real room or the room in AC? If you mean my real room, I will not post a picture. My room is currently a mess and nothing is organized.

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QR code for my town flag

do you have a qr code for your flag *~*

I’ll post the qr code later. 

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My new flag


 Birth of Levi  | ➋
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